MadSoft Professional is designed for business that does not maintain stock and requires sales and purchase modules integrated with MadSoft Standard Accounting. It will automatically retrieve last price when service item is selected or provide an estimated profit of the service item during quotation or invoicing.

You will save input time by loading from multiple documents (eg quotations) to new documents (eg invoice) or duplicate invoices/quotation from existing invoices for regular recurring billing.

To complement its existing features, there are also add-on solutions – MadSoft SwiftPay, MadSoft SMS and MadSoft Export Import.


Auto Retrieve Last Selling Price

System can auto retrieve last selling price to customers when service item is selected

Sales Analysis Report by Service Item, Customer

Able to know which are the services most popular among the customers

Profit Estimator

System will auto calculate the profit margin of quotation / sales order / invoice with the choice of selecting diff costing method

Credit Limit Control

Able to know which customer has exceeded their credit limit and act promptly to remind customers

Multiple Quotations to Invoice

Flexibility of loading a quotation or multiple number of quotations to the invoice

Copy Bills

Duplicate one bill to another without manual entry

Partial Billing

Invoice customers on those available services that was already performed

Real Time Posting

Real time posting of sales or purchase transactions into accounting

Purchases Module

Able to quickly produce purchase order and track purchases and receiving activities at anytime


Integrate payment with the bank for digital payment to pay to suppliers


Text notification to single or group of customers/suppliers simultaneously

ADD ON SOLUTIONS MadSoft Excel Import

Generate quotation/sales order/sales invoice/cash sales/PR/PO/GRN/supplier invoice thus massively reducing user duplicate entry time

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General Ledger

The MadSoft Solutions General Ledger module comes with more than 70 industry-specific and ready-to-use templates to jump-start operations. The templates are designed for even non accounts-trained users to start using immediately.

  • Chart of Account
  • Receipts Vouchers
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Journal Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budget Maintenance
  • Asset & Depreciation Maintenance
  • Opening Maintenance
  • Reports


The MadSoft Solutions Accounts Receivables Module is designed to enhance efficiency in risk management by providing up-to-date information on business transactions.

Powerful functions allow users to generate real-time statements and reports for in-depth analysis of receivables and collection by user-defined periods, areas, customer categories, status and sales personnel.

  • Customer Accounts
  • Debtor Categories
  • Debtor Areas
  • Invoice Entries
  • Receive Payments
  • Credit Note Entries
  • Debit Notes Entries
  • Debtor Opening Balance
  • Transactions Knock-Off
  • Finance Charges
  • Reports


The MadSoft Solutions Accounts Payable Module is designed to efficiently manage the company's expenditure. This module helps to track and take advantage of term discounts, predicting cash requirements and tracking payments to ensure that there is no double payment.

  • Supplier Accounts
  • Supplier Categories
  • Bills Entries
  • Pay Bills
  • Creditor Credit Notes
  • Creditor Debit Notes
  • Creditor Opening Balance
  • Bills Knock-Off
  • Reports


  • Project Maintenance
  • Reports


The MadSoft Solutions Sales Module is a powerful module that manages the sales cycle for users. This module handles quotations, sales orders, delivery orders, invoicing and sales returns. It also provides functionality to manage customers and back-orders fulfilment, allowing timely delivery to meet customer requirements. The Sales Module is fully integrated with the Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control modules, providing a seamless information flow for the management of customer accounts.

  • Quotations/Estimates
  • Sales Orders/Contracts
  • Delivery Orders
  • Invoices
  • Debit Notes
  • Credit Notes
  • Cash Sales
  • Reports


The MadSoft Solutions Purchase Module assists to maintain a consistent and organised relationship between company and suppliers in order to serve customers better. Users are able to produce purchase orders and track purchase/receiving activities. This module boasts built-in multi-level purchase requisition approval controls which help management with better budget forecasts.

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Goods Received Notes
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Purchase Returns
  • Reports


  • New/Open/Close Company
  • Company Profile
  • System Options
  • Change Password
  • User Maintenance
  • Term Maintenance
  • Change Code
  • Backup/Restore Database
  • Custom SQL
  • Scan Database
  • Database Validation
  • Import Data from XML File
  • Export Data to XML File
  • 01Reports

General Ledger

  • Account Opening Balance Listing
  • Balance Sheet Comparison & Quarterly
  • Balance Sheet With 3 Columns
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Creditor Credit Note Journal
  • Creditor Debit Note Journal
  • Creditors Balance (YTD)
  • Creditors Balance(MTD vs YTD)
  • Creditors Balance(With Opening & Closing)
  • Chart of Account
  • Debtor Credit Note Journal
  • Debtor Debit Note Journal
  • Debtors Balance(MTD vs YTD)
  • Debtors Balance(With Opening & Closing)
  • Debtors Balance(YTD)
  • Fixed Assets Budget Report
  • Fixed Assets Report
  • General Journal
  • General Ledger
  • Journal Listing
  • Journal Voucher
  • Note to Accounts
  • Payment Voucher
  • Payment Journal
  • Payment Listing
  • Payment Listing With Detail
  • Post Dated Cheque Issued Listing
  • Post Dated Cheque Received Listing
  • Profit & Loss Account Comparison Report
  • Profit & Loss Account With Budget
  • Purchase Journal
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Receipt Journal
  • Receipt Listing
  • Receipt Listing With Detail
  • Sales Journal
  • Statement of Receipts & Payments
  • Trading and Profit & Loss Account (With Ratio)
  • Trading and Profit & Loss Statement
  • Trial Balance (MTD vs YTD)
  • Trial Balance (With Opening & Closing)


  • Collection Report
  • Collection Report By Agent
  • Collection Report By Area
  • Collection Report By Debtor
  • Collection Report By Debtor Category
  • Collection Report By Transaction Type
  • Credit Note Listing
  • Customer Agent Listing
  • Customer Area Listing
  • Customer Category Listing
  • Customer Listing
  • Customer Listing with Notes, Currency etc
  • Customer Mailing Label
  • Customer Statement
  • Debit Note Listing
  • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget
  • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget By Agent
  • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget By Area
  • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget By Category
  • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget By Project
  • Debtor Control Summary
  • Debtor Ledger
  • Debtor Ledger with Knock Off Bill
  • Debtor Matching Listing
  • Debtor payment Listing (Detail)
  • Debtor Payment Matching Listing
  • Debtor Sales & Collection
  • Debtor Sales & Collection By Agent
  • Debtor Sales & Collection By Area
  • Debtor Sales & Collection By Category
  • Debtors Aging 12 Months
  • Debtors Aging Report (Detail)
  • Debtors Aging Report (Summary)
  • Due Invoice By Agent
  • Due Invoice By Agent/Debtor
  • Due Invoice By Agent/Debtor Category
  • Due Invoice By Area
  • Invoice Listing
  • Invoice Listing By Agent
  • Invoice Listing By Area
  • Invoice Listing By Debtor
  • Invoice Listing By Debtor Category
  • Mail Merge
  • Official Receipt
  • Overdue Reminder Letter
  • Prospect Customer Listing
  • Statement of Account (Balance B/F)
  • Statement of Account (Open Item)
  • Statement of Account (With Knock-Off Details)


  • Bill Listing
  • Bill Listing By Creditor
  • Creditor Aging
  • Creditor Aging Report (Detail)
  • Creditor Aging Report (Summary)
  • Creditor Actual Purchases & Budget
  • Creditor Actual Purchases & Budget by Area
  • Creditor Actual Purchases & Budget by Category
  • Creditor Actual Purchases & Budget by Project
  • Creditor Actual Purchases & Budget by Purchases
  • Creditor Control Summary
  • Creditor Ledger
  • Creditor Matching Listing
  • Creditor payment Listing (Detail)
  • Creditor Payment Matching Listing
  • Creditor Purchase & Payment
  • Creditor Purchase & Payment by Agent
  • Creditor Purchase & Payment by Area
  • Creditor Purchase & Payment by Category
  • Creditor Statement of Account
  • Creditor Statement of Account (Balance B/F)
  • Creditor Statement of Account (Open Item)
  • Due Bill By Creditor
  • Due Bill By Creditor Category
  • Paybill A4 with Knock Off
  • Payment Voucher
  • Remittance Advice
  • Supplier Area Listing
  • Supplier Category Listing
  • Supplier Credit Note Listing
  • Supplier Debit Note Listing
  • Supplier Ledger
  • Supplier Listing
  • Supplier Mailing Label
  • Supplier Purchase Listing


  • Cash Sales
  • Cash Sales Register
  • Credit Note
  • Credit Note Register
  • Debit Note
  • Debti Note Register
  • Delivery Order
  • Delivery Order Listing
  • Delivery Order Listing By Agent
  • Delivery Order Listing By Debtor
  • Delivery Order Listing with GST
  • Delivery Order Register
  • Outstanding DO By Customer
  • Outstanding DO By Customer, Document
  • Outstanding DO By Item
  • Outstanding DO By Item, Customer
  • Outstanding Quotation By Customer
  • Outstanding Quotation By Customer, Document
  • Outstanding Quotation By Item
  • Outstanding Quotation By Item, Customer
  • Outstanding SO By Customer
  • Outstanding SO By Customer, Document
  • Outstanding SO By Item
  • Outstanding SO By Item, Customer
  • Quotation
  • Quotation Listing
  • Quotation Listing By Agent
  • Quotation Listing By Debtor
  • Quotation Listing with GST
  • Quotation Register
  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales Credit Note Listing
  • Sales Credit Note Listing By Agent
  • Sales Credit Note Listing With GST
  • Sales Debit Note Listing
  • Sales Debit Note Listing By Agent
  • Sales Debit Note Listing With GST
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Invoice Listing
  • Sales Invoice Listing By Agent
  • Sales Invoice Listing By Currency With Foreign Currency
  • Sales Invoice Listing By Debtor
  • Sales Invoice Listing With Foreign Currency
  • Sales Invoice Listing With GST
  • Sales Invoice Register
  • Sales Margin Analysis
  • Sales Margin Analysis By Agent
  • Sales Margin Analysis By Agent with item
  • Sales Margin Analysis By Area
  • Sales Margin Analysis By Area with item
  • Sales Margin Analysis With Items
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Order Listing
  • Sales Order Listing By Agent
  • Sales Order Listing By Debtor
  • Sales Order Listing With GST
  • Sales Order Register


  • Goods Received Note
  • Goods Received Note Listing
  • Goods Received Note Register
  • Outstanding GRN By Document
  • Outstanding GRN By Item
  • Outstanding GRN By Item Supplier
  • Outstanding GRN By Supplier
  • Outstanding GRN By Supplier Document
  • Outstanding Purchase Order By Item
  • Outstanding Purchase Order By Item Document
  • Outstanding Purchase Order By Supplier
  • Outstanding Purchase Order By Supplier Document
  • Outstanding Purchase Requisition
  • Outstanding Purchase Requisition By Item
  • Outstanding Purchase Requisition By Item Supplier
  • Outstanding Purchase Requisition By Supplier
  • Outstanding Purchase Requisition By Supplier Document
  • Purchase Analysis By Item
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice Listing
  • Purchase Invoice Register
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Listing
  • Purchase Order Register
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Requisition Listing with GST
  • Purchase Requisition Register
  • Purchase Return
  • Purchase Return Listing
  • Purchase Return Register


  • Creditor Aging By Currency
  • Creditor Ledger Multi-Currency Ledger
  • Creditor Statement Of Account
  • Debtor Statement Of Account
  • Debtor Aging By Currency
  • Debtor Ledger Multi-Currency Ledger
  • Sales Invoice Listing with Foreign Currency


  • P&L With Budget
  • Project Balance Sheet
  • Project Balance Sheet With 3 Column
  • Project Ledger
  • Project Listing
  • Project Note To Account
  • Project P&L Comparison Report
  • Project P&L With Ratio
  • Project Profit Margin
  • Project Profit Margin Summary
  • Project Trial Balance
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