It is an utility to eliminate data entry by importing customer/supplier readily available order entry data in excel to MadSoft Inventory Solutions.

This is useful when customer place order in standard excel order form and this can be imported directly as sales order / quotation / delivery order / invoice.

Import Customer Order Detail

Import customer order details to quotation, sales order, delivery order, sales invoice,

and cash sales

Import Suppliers’ Inventory Order List

Import inventory order lists to supplier purchase requisition, purchase order, goods received note

and purchase invoice

Alert for Erroneous Data

Able to detect erroneous data and erroneous data will not be imported

Auto Detect and Retrieve the Right Price or Discount

Ability to auto detect selected fields and retrieve unit price or discount according to user setup preference

in MadSoft Solutions

Able to use Customer or Suppliers’ Stock Codes

Customer / Supplier can input their stock codes and they will be matched against users’ stock codes in

MadSoft Solutions to retrieve the correct stock item information

Multiple Sets of Excel Worksheet

Able to import multiple sets of excel worksheet to 1 order entry transaction

Status Update


(a) import progress percentage indicator;

(b) number of lines successfully imported;

(c) prompt message if import is partially or fully done;

(d) unmatched / matched file information

Review Before Import

Order list imported from excel are displayed for user to review before final import into MadSoft Solutions

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